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Wurzburg - Shaker door style, ready to assemble, in stock now.
Frameless RTA Kitchen Cabinets, medium walnut finish, shaker door style, elegant and simple.
Wurzburg Frameless RTA shaker door kitchen cabinets    Wurzburg frameless ready to assemble kitchen cabinets  Wurzburg frameless rta cabinets, lots of accessories
Wurzburg cabinets feature all wood doors and drawer fronts, all plywood box construction.  Boxes are 3/4" plywood veneered with matching wood, with full overlay doors and drawers and 3/4" adjustable shelf.  Full extension, soft-close drawer glides. Soft close doors are an upgrade.







Dovetail box and dowel pins for staple and glue assembly.
No cams or brackets, these are just like custom built cabinets once installed!
Click here>   Specs and assembly info   < for specs and assembly information.


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To preview the Wurzburg cabinets order a sample door.
Or order one small cabinet to see the quality and construction.


Wurzburg Sample Door- Free shipping



B09Base Cabinet 9"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$119Buy
B12Base Cabinet 12"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$131Buy
B15Base Cabinet 15"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$148Buy
B18Base Cabinet 18"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$160Buy
B21Base Cabinet 21"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$176Buy
B24Base Cabinet 24"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$200Buy
B27Base Cabinet 27"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$214Buy
B30Base Cabinet 30"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$253Buy
B33Base Cabinet 33"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$264Buy
B36Base Cabinet 36"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$284Buy
B39Base Cabinet 39"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$304Buy
B42Base Cabinet 42"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$320Buy
SB24Sink Base Cabinet 24"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$161Buy
SB27Sink Base Cabinet 27"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$169Buy
SB30Sink Base Cabinet 30"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$194Buy
SB33Sink Base Cabinet 33"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$211Buy
SB36Sink Base Cabinet 36"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$229Buy
SB39Sink Base Cabinet 39"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$243Buy
SB42Sink Base Cabinet 42"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$264Buy
BBC36Base Blind Corner 36"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$220Buy
BBC39Base Blind Corner 39"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$238Buy
BBC42Base Blind Corner 42"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$264Buy
BBC45Base Blind Corner 45"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$292Buy
BEA12Base End Angle 12"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$136Buy
BDC36Base Diagonal Corner 36"w X 24"d$292Buy
BLS33Base Lazy Susan 33"w X 24"d$259Buy
BLS36Base Lazy Susan 36"w X 24"d$284Buy
BLS SpinnerLoose Base Lazy Susan Kit$165Buy
BOES12RBase Open End Shelf 12"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$123Buy
BOES12LBase Open End Shelf 12"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$123Buy
BSDC06Base Spice Stacked Drawer 6"w$152Buy
BSR09Base Spice Rack Door 9"w$156Buy
BWBK18Base Waste Basket 18"w$182Buy
DB12-3Draw Base Cabinet 12"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$182Buy
DB15-3Draw Base Cabinet 15"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$203Buy
DB18-3Draw Base Cabinet 18"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$220Buy
DB21-3Draw Base Cabinet 21"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$253Buy
DB24-3Draw Base Cabinet 24"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$274Buy
DB27-3Draw Base Cabinet 27"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$287Buy
DB30-3Draw Base Cabinet 30"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$300Buy
DB33-3Draw Base Cabinet 33"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$321Buy
DB36-3Draw Base Cabinet 36"w X 24"d X 34.5"h$349Buy
W3012Wall Cabinet 30"w X 12"h X 12"d$106Buy
W3612Wall Cabinet 36"w X 12"h X 12"d$122Buy
W3612-24Wall Cabinet 36"w X 12"h X 24"d$144Buy
W3015Wall Cabinet 30"w X 15"h X 12"d$115Buy
W3615Wall Cabinet 36"w X 15"h X 12"d$131Buy
W3615-24Wall Cabinet 36"w X 15"h X 24"d$161Buy
W3018Wall Cabinet 30"w X 18"h X 12"d$123Buy
W3618Wall Cabinet 36"w X 18"h X 12"d$139Buy
W3618-24Wall Cabinet 36"w X 18"h X 24"d$169Buy
W3021Wall Cabinet 30"w X 21"h X 12"d$131Buy
W3621Wall Cabinet 36"w X 21"h X 12"d$144Buy
W3621-24Wall Cabinet 36"w X 21"h X 24"d$188Buy
W3024Wall Cabinet 30"w X 24"h X 12"d$137Buy
W3624Wall Cabinet 36"w X 24"h X 12"d$157Buy
W3624-24Wall Cabinet 36"w X 24"h X 24"d$196Buy
W0930Wall Cabinet 9"w X 30"h X 12"d$78Buy
W1230Wall Cabinet 12"w X 30"h X 12"d$90Buy
W1530Wall Cabinet 15"w X 30"h X 12"d$98Buy
W1830Wall Cabinet 18"w X 30"h X 12"d$112Buy
W2130Wall Cabinet 21"w X 30"h X 12"d$132Buy
W2430Wall Cabinet 24"w X 30"h X 12"d $140Buy
W2730Wall Cabinet 27"w X 30"h X 12"d$153Buy
W3030Wall Cabinet 30"w X 30"h X 12"d$165Buy
W3330Wall Cabinet 33"w X 30"h X 12"d$179Buy
W3630Wall Cabinet 36"w X 30"h X 12"d$190Buy
W0936Wall Cabinet 9"w X 36"h X 12"d$83Buy
W1236Wall Cabinet 12"w X 36"h X 12"d$96Buy
W1536Wall Cabinet 15"w X 36"h X 12"d$107Buy
W1836Wall Cabinet 18"w X 36"h X 12"d$123Buy
W2136Wall Cabinet 21"w X 36"h X 12"d$141Buy
W2436Wall Cabinet 24"w X 36"h X 12"d$153Buy
W2736Wall Cabinet 27"w X 36"h X 12"d$164Buy
W3036Wall Cabinet 30"w X 36"h X 12"d$179Buy
W3336Wall Cabinet 33"w X 36"h X 12"d$188Buy
W3636Wall Cabinet 36"w X 36"h X 12"d$203Buy
W0942Wall Cabinet 9"w X 42"h X 12"d$91Buy
W1242Wall Cabinet 12"w X 42"h X 12"d$116Buy
W1542Wall Cabinet 15"w X 42"h X 12"d$127Buy
W1842Wall Cabinet 18"w X 42"h X 12"d$148Buy
W2142Wall Cabinet 21"w X 42"h X 12"d$169Buy
W2442Wall Cabinet 24"w X 42"h X 12"d$173Buy
W2742Wall Cabinet 27"w X 42"h X 12"d$194Buy
W3042Wall Cabinet 30"w X 42"h X 12"d$217Buy
W3342Wall Cabinet 33"w X 42"h X 12"d$222Buy
W3642Wall Cabinet 36"w X 42"h X 12"d$238Buy
WCD3015Wall Dish Holder 30"w X 15"h$101Buy
WDC2430Wall Corner Diagonal 24"w X 30"h X 12"d$181Buy
WDC2436Wall Corner Diagonal 24"w X 36"h X 12"d$213Buy
WDC2436-15Wall Corner Diagonal 24"w X 36"h X 15"d$221Buy
WDC2442Wall Corner Diagonal 24"w X 42"h X 12"d$250Buy
WDC2442-15Wall Corner Diagonal 24"w X 42"h X 15"d$259Buy
WDC2736Wall Corner Diagonal 27"w X 36"h X 12"d$242Buy
WDC2742Wall Corner Diagonal 27"w X 42"h X 12"d$280Buy
WDCMD2430Wall Diagonal Mullion Door 24"w X 30"h$206Buy
WDCMD2436Wall Diagonal Mullion Door 24"w X 36"h$242Buy
WDCMD2436-15Wall Diagonal Mullion Door 24"w X 36"h$264Buy
WDCMD2442Wall Diagonal Mullion Door 24"w X 42"h$283Buy
WDCMD2442-15Wall Diagonal Mullion Door 24"w X 42"h$292Buy
WMD1230Wall Mullion Door 12"w X 30"h$115Buy
WMD1530Wall Mullion Door 15"w X 30"h$123Buy
WMD1830Wall Mullion Door 18"w X 30"h$137Buy
WMD2130Wall Mullion Door 21"w X 30"h$157Buy
WMD2430Wall Mullion Door 24"w X 30"h$168Buy
WMD2730Wall Mullion Door 27"w X 30"h$190Buy
WMD3030Wall Mullion Door 30"w X 30"h$210Buy
WMD3330Wall Mullion Door 33"w X 30"h$223Buy
WMD3630Wall Mullion Door 36"w X 30"h$235Buy
WMD1236Wall Mullion Door 12"w X 36"h$123Buy
WMD1536Wall Mullion Door 15"w X 36"h$131Buy
WMD1836Wall Mullion Door 18"w X 36"h$148Buy
WMD2136Wall Mullion Door 21"w X 36"h$169Buy
WMD2436Wall Mullion Door 24"w X 36"h$188Buy
WMD2736Wall Mullion Door 27"w X 36"h$209Buy
WMD3036Wall Mullion Door 30"w X 36"h$220Buy
WMD3336Wall Mullion Door 33"w X 36"h$236Buy
WMD3636Wall Mullion Door 36"w X 36"h$251Buy
WND1242Wall Mullion Door 12"w X 42"h$132Buy
WMD1542Wall Mullion Door 15"w X 42"h$145Buy
WMD1842Wall Mullion Door 18"w X 42"h$170Buy
WMD2142Wall Mullion Door 21"w X 42"h$181Buy
WMD2442Wall Mullion Door 24"w X 42"h$203Buy
WMD2742Wall Mullion Door 27"w X 42"h$222Buy
WMD3042Wall Mullion Door 30"w X 42"h$235Buy
WMD3342Wall Mullion Door 33"w X 42"h$257Buy
WMD3642Wall Mullion Door 36"w X 42"h$270Buy
WEA1230Wall End Angle 12"w X 30"h X 12"d$99Buy
WEA1236Wall End Angle 12"w X 36"h X 12"d$112Buy
WEA1242Wall End Angle 12"w X 42"h X 12"d$125Buy
WOES1230Wall Open End Shelf 12"w X 30"h X 12"d$79Buy
WOES1236Wall Open End Shelf 12"w X 36"h X 12"d$90Buy
WOES1242Wall Open End Shelf 12"w X 42"h X 12"d$101Buy
WRC3015Wall Wine Rack 30"w X 15"h$116Buy
WRC3018Wall Wine Rack 30"w X 18"h$120Buy
WRC3615Wall Wine Rack 36"w X 15"h$136Buy
WRC3618Wall Wine Rack 36"w X 18"h$147Buy
WSD1206Wall Spice Drawer 12" x 6"$46Buy
WSD1806Wall Spice Drawer 18" x 6"$67Buy
DOC3084Double Oven 30"w X 84"h$477Buy
DOC3090Double Oven 30"w X 90"h$496Buy
DOC3096Double Oven 30"w X 96"h$514Buy
PC1884Tall Pantry 18"w X 84"h$394Buy
PC1890Tall Pantry 18"w X 90"h$410Buy
PC1896Tall Pantry 18"w X 96"h$449Buy
PC2484Tall Pantry 24"w X 84"h$466Buy
PC2490Tall Pantry 24"w X 90"h$494Buy
PC2496Tall Pantry 24"w X 96"h$516Buy
PC3084Tall Pantry 30"w X 84"h$546Buy
PC3090Tall Pantry 30"w X 90"h$564Buy
PC3096Tall Pantry 30"w X 96"h$609Buy
VBD12-3Vanity Drawer - 3 Drw 12"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$170Buy
VBD15-3Vanity Drawer - 3 Drw 15"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$189Buy
VBD18-3Vanity Drawer - 3 Drw 18"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$210Buy
VBD21-3Vanity Drawer - 3 Drw 21"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$236Buy
VSB24Vanity Sink 24"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$139Buy
VSB27Vanity Sink 27"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$161Buy
VSB30Vanity Sink 30"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$181Buy
VSB36Vanity Sink 36"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$190Buy
VSD30LVanity Sink Drawer 30"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$268Buy
VSD30RVanity Sink Drawer 30"w X 21"d X 34.5"h$268Buy
BF3Base Filler 3" w x 36"$13Buy
WF342Filler 3"w X 42"L$14Buy
WF396Filler 3"w X 96"L$33Buy
WF642Filler 6"w X 96"L$27Buy
RWF342Filler Fluted 3"w X 42"L$14Buy
RWF396Filler Fluted 3"w X 96"L$33Buy
ACM8Angle Crown Mold 3-1/2" x 8'L$42Buy
BCB150--8FTMolding 8'L$38Buy
CCM8Classic Crown Mold 3-1/2' x 8'L $46Buy
CTM8Counter Top Mold 8'L $36Buy
DEN3Dental Mold Small 1/4" x 8' L$24Buy
DM8Dental Mold 8'L $44Buy
FLOWERRosette Applique$3Buy
IVI8Light Rail Mold 2" x 8' L $24Buy
IVITC6Corner Light Rail Mold (fits corner end shelf)$14Buy
OCM8Outside Corner Mold 1" x 8' L$14Buy
OGM8Ogee Mold 8'L$36Buy
QR8Quarter Round Mold 8'L$13Buy
SM8Scribe Mold 8'L$13Buy
TBM8Triple Bead Mold 8'L$24Buy
TK8Toe Kick Material 8'L$21Buy
BP4896Finished Panel 48"w X 96"L$125Buy
PNL2496Finished Panel 24"w X 96"L$87Buy
PNL3596Finished Panel 35"w X 96"L$132Buy
PNL4896Finished Panel 48"w X 96"L$169Buy
DWR (L)Finished Panel Dishwasher Return Left$41Buy
DWR (R)Finished Panel Dishwasher Return Right$41Buy
BKD24Base Knee Drawer 24"w$115Buy
BKD30Base Knee Drawer 30"w$135Buy
BKD36Base Knee Drawer 36"w$155Buy
Corbel-SDecorative Corbel Small 3" w x 6" h$62Buy
Corbel-MDecorative Corbel Medium 4-1/2" w x 12" h$107Buy
Corbel-LDecorative Corbel Large 5-1/5" w x 15" h$131Buy
D1230WDecorative Door Panel 12"w X 30"h$49Buy
D1236WDecorative Door Panel 12"w X 36"h$57Buy
D1242WDecorative Door Panel 12"w X 42"h$65Buy
D2430BDecorative Door Panel 24"w X 30"h$81Buy
KDD24Desk Knee Drawer$87Buy
KDD30Desk Knee Drawer$111Buy
KDD36Desk Knee Drawer$135Buy
ROT18Roll Out Tray Fits Base 18$38Buy
ROT21Roll Out Tray Fits Base 21$42Buy
ROT24Roll Out Tray Fits Base 24$47Buy
ROT27Roll Out Tray Fits Base 27$52Buy
ROT30Roll Out Tray Fits Base 30$57Buy
ROT33Roll Out Tray Fits Base 33$62Buy
ROT36Roll Out Tray Fits Base 36$66Buy
SGH3012Stem Glass Holder 30"w X 12"d$63Buy
SGH3612Stem Glass Holder 36"w X 12"d$74Buy
SPOOL 3Decorative Spindle 3" w x 36" h$40Buy
SPOOL 4.5Decorative Spool 4-1/2" w x 36" h$91Buy
VAL36Valance Board 36"L x 4-1/2" h x 3/4"$32Buy
VAL42Valance Board 42"L x 4-1/2" h x 3/4"$38Buy
VAL48Valance Board 48"L x 4-1/2" h x 3/4"$44Buy
VAL60Valance Board 60"L x 4-1/2" h x 3/4"$55Buy
VAL36-12RP Valance 36"L X 12"h$98Buy
VAL42-12RP Valance 42"L X 12"h$115Buy
VAL48-12RP Valance 48"L X 12"h$131Buy
BLS SpinnerLoose Base Lazy Susan Kit$165Buy
Touch-Up KitTouch Up Kit$31Buy
S-C GuidesSet Of Soft Close Side Mount Guides$22Buy
Waste BasketLoose Waste Basket Kit$31Buy

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