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Assembling your new kitchen cabinets is easy ...

Easy Base Cabinet Assembly
1 - Carefully open the package, don't cut open with a razor knife, you could damage the finish on cabinets inside.
Check and count the items in the box using the included parts list. This list may vary slightly depending on which cabinet style you purchased.  If you are missing any items, please call us at once for replacement parts, sometimes small parts are taped to the inside of cabinet panels or to the box, check carefully.  Exact lists will be included with each cabinet.
The basic assembly method will be the same for all cabinets & this is intended as a general guideline.
 ItemQty  ItemQty
AFace Frame with Door1 JDrawer Bottom1
BSide Panels2 KShelf Clips4
CBottom1 LShelf1
DBack Panel1 MToe Kick1
EDrawer Runner Holders2 NCorner Braces4
FDrawer Front1 ODrawer Rail Screws4
GDrawer Sides2 P1/2" Corner Brace Screws8
HDrawer Back1 Q1/2" Round head Screws8
IDrawer Runner Rails2 R2" Screws4
Assembly Notes: On base cabinets with 2 drawers items (E) through (J) will be doubled. If you are installing cabinets over drywall, do not use item "R". Buy & use 2 1/2" long multi-purpose screws instead.

2 - Gently lay the face frame with door attached (Part A) face down on a soft surface. (Use the box/packaging materials or blanket) to protect the finish from scratching.  (See Figure 1)
Working on a raised surface, like a workbench,  will make the entire process go much faster & easier. If you have a large enough work area, lay all the  parts out to the side for easier access as you are assembling. Keep all the small parts together and assemble only one cabinet at a time to avoid mixing parts, at least until you have assembled a few and get "good" at it.  (You will!)

rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions


3 - To easily install the side panels: First be sure to check the camlocks to see they are fully open.  Insert a flat head screwdriver into the screw head of part 1 and turn it counterclockwise. (This step should be done on all camlocks before they are inserted.) 
Next, insert right & left side panels (B) into the grooves in the back of the face frame (A). (See Figure 2)  The camlock (Figure 3 Part 2) is attached to the side panel & will slide over the connector plate (Figure 3 Part 1) which is attached to the face frame. After the side panels are inserted properly, they should be resting flat within the bottom of the groove in the face frame. Camlock (Part 1) should be seated firmly against the face frame. Now turn the camlock screws  180 degrees clockwise to lock them into place. If there is any resistance when inserting the side into the face frame you may need to gently bevel the edge of the side panel with a medium grit sandpaper. Also, check to see there are no splinters or rough edges inside the groove on the face frame. It is not unusual for plywood sides to have very slight warps in them which may need gentle nudging at one end or in the center to ease it into the face frame groove.

rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions

rta kitchen cabinet camlock assembly instructions



4 - To easily install the bottom of the cabinet: Gently spread the side panels open just enough for the  bottom panel to insert into the grooves cut in the side panels (B). (See Figure 4) The front edge of the bottom should sit firmly into the grooves at the bottom of the face frame. Align the edges of the bottom to fit in the grooves of the side panels. Gently pull the sides back over the edges of the bottom panel until they are fully seated in the grooves and the camlocks fit flush against the sides. Now simply lock the camlocks into place on the bottom panel by turning the camlock screw 180 degrees clockwise with a flat head screwdriver.

easy rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions


 5 - To easily install the back panel & toe kick: First lay the back panel (D) on a flat surface with the face (or front) side up. Install the drawer runner holders (E) in the pre-drilled area near the top of the back panel. (See Figure 6) Install the drawer runner holders so the opening of the holders will be facing each other. Secure the 2 drawer runner holders with the round head screws (Q).

Now the back is ready to install. Align the back panel (D) with the back of the side panels (B).

Last, install the toe kick.

rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions

rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions

6 - Easy to install drawer runners: Before starting this step, lay the back panel (D) on a flat surface with the face (or front) side up. Install the drawer runner holders (E) in the pre-drilled area near the top of the back panel. (See Figure 6) Install the drawer runner holders so the opening of the holders will be facing each other. Secure the 2 drawer runner holders with the round head screws (Q).
Now you are ready for the drawers.

rta easy kitchen cabinet assembly instructions


7 - With the cabinet upright, place each of the 4 plastic corner bracers in each top corner of the cabinet using the 8 medium size screws included.

easy rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions

8 -Now you may assemble the drawers. Insert the drawer sides into the drawer front and attach with the provided screws. Slide the drawer bottom with the finished side up into the sides of the drawer and slide it all the way up to the front. Place the drawer back onto the sides and make sure the bottom is also firmly seated in place and screw the back in place. Attach the plastic drawer slide holders onto the back end of the drawer slides. When installing the completed drawer into the cabinet, check to see that it opens and closes easily. You may adjust the vertical location of the drawer slide holders for best operation as necessary.

rta kitchen cabinet drawer assembly instructions

9 - To easily install adjustable shelves: With the cabinet standing upright again, open the door, insert the shelf clips (F) into the holes in the side panels at the desired height, & snap shelves (G) into place. You may wish to wait & install the shelves after the cabinet is installed. Mark the shelves to id which shelf goes in which cabinet.
The shelves can also be removed  to different heights at any time after the cabinet is installed.

Easy Installation Tips

When installing your base cabinets, be sure to pre-drill 1/8" pilot holes in the mounting rails before screwing the cabinet to the wall. Make sure the holes align with studs in the wall for the cabinet to be securely connected to the wall using 2 1/ 2" multi-purpose screws.
Always pre-drill pilot holes, when screwing into the frames, to avoid splitting the wood.
To adjoin cabinet face frames, clamp together and align for a smooth professional looking finish.
(See Figure 7) Drill a 1/8" pilot hole at the top & bottom of the face frame & screw the cabinet frames together using the same 2 1/2" screws. The pilot hole should reach all the way through the side you will insert the screw in & about 1/2 the way through the adjoining cabinet frame. For a cleaner look, use a counter sink bit to lightly counter sink the screw head flush with with frame.
In the picture,  a cabinet claw tool is used but any C-clamp or Quick-Grip style tool may be used.

rta kitchen cabinet assembly instructions




See also: Wall assembly instructions.

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