Handmade Prints from Woodcuts

A woodcut is a relief print made from an image that is carved into the plank side of a block of wood. The wooden plate is then inked with a roller and a sheet of handmade Japanese rice paper is placed on top of it. The artist then uses a "baren" to press the paper onto the inked image which produces the print. Each handmade print, created entirely by the artist is unique and considered an original work of art.


the story

Fine art prints from woodcuts, Four images from the series, mounted on black archival foam core,

ready for framing.

Each image signed and numbered by the artist.

Oil on rice paper, approximate total image size, 25 x 30 inches.

Part of a series of new prints from Laura Meeks on the life of Christ.

See other prints in this series, they look very well displayed together. Each can also be purchased seperately.

Highly collectable.

$129.99 plus shipping.


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