Handmade prints from Etchings

Etching is an Intaglio technique in which a metal plate is first covered with an acid-resistant ground, then the image is drawn into the ground with an etching needle. The metal that is exposed is then "eaten" in an acid bath, creating depressed lines that are then inked with a roller, wiped and printed on a printing press. Etchings are printed on 100% archival cotton paper with high quality artists oil based etching inks. Each handmade print, created entirely by the artist is unique and considered an original work of art.



Fine art print from an etching. Limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

Oil on 100% archival cotton rag paper, approximate image size, 6 x 8 inch on paper size 11 x 13.5 inch.

Can be matted or mounted, deckled edge.

Part of a series of new prints on nature and the natural world.

Highly collectable.

$29.99 plus shipping.


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